Project: Lilican’s Museum of Theatrical Ideas  (LMTI)


Projects Overview:

The project will be based on         

 “The tour of Bolshoy Royal Academic National Theatre of Drama, Opera, and Ballet in Russia.”

In 1997 this play was awarded “the Golden Mask”, the national theatrical award.

In the real project we think we will use the Lilican Theatre and its existing technical and play environments.

“The tour of Bolshoy Royal Academic National Theatre of Drama, Opera, and Ballet in Russia”

 takes place in a fancy miniature of an opera building in which the viewers have to look  into the windows in order to watch performances.

The management of Lilican Theatre invites famous Russian and foreign directors, actors,

 and scene directors to put on a play showing their professional credo or theatrical dreams

which by different reasons cannot be played in the “real theatre.” Not only is the size of the stage reduced,

but the playtime is also decreased. Every show takes about 15 minutes, during which the leader

(director, actor or scene director), with puppets and decorations, must schematically present

a concept of the play resolution, a verdict of some sort, so that the audience is able to imagine

 the performance on a “real stage.”

 This 15 minute production should be an independent theatrical accomplishment. 


Project’s Goals

      The puppet play takes the place of a big form opera/ballet/drama.

 This all happens on a stage with miniaturized curtains, lighting, a moving stage, an orchestra and portals.

 This way, the project takes on the form of a realistic collection of theatrical ideas

(a reservoir of theatrical conceptions) that belong to real artists of the contemporary theatre

or the contemporary culture of an ironic theatric play structure.

Scenic Form of the Project

1.LMTI is made up of mini-shows on the Lilican Theatre stage.

      There are about 5 or 6 viewers that can order a playbill of their own choice.

2.Throught the videoprojection the performance can be showed on the big screen on-line.

   The lilican theater can stand down the screen.


THEATER; Total Theater, Starring Puppets