Moscow theatre TEHb



The plot and the content of the show consist of the sketches which appeared on the square piece of glass. These sketches are project on the screen combined with the music constantly changes and flow one into another. This style of presenting the sketches constantly makes the auditorium follow the painter`s improvisation which appeared   just at the moment of watching.

  The painter is creating a grate variety of pictures at the screen using different technic of shadow theatre and different and unordinary technic of grafic design. His painting acompanies with music and sounds, and create sometimes humorouse sometimes fantastic. This performance ruins the boarders of traditional shadow theatre keeping it`s types skills.

"METAMORPHOSIS" was performed on the Festivals in Poland, Germany, Spane, Portugal, Sweeden, Osterreich, France, Brasil, Swize, Sweeden, Japan, USA, Greece, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, Great Britain, China, South Korea, Ukraina, Russia.